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January 2015
5 Tips for Helathier Indoor Living Space
  1. Use Natural Cooling
    Ceiling Fan and Indoor Air Quality LEED Silver custom home in Pacific Palisades, CA
    • Ceiling Fans / Fans
    • Skylights
    • Cross-Ventilation
    • Roof Overhangs / Awnings / Trellises
    • Skylight in hallway at LEED Silver custom home in Brentwood, CA
    • Window Treatments: Blinds / Shutters / Drapes
    • Shade from Trees
    • Attic Fans / Solar-Powered Attic Fans
    • Whole House Chimney Effect
  2. Take Advantage of Natural Lighting
    • Solar Lighting Tubes
    • Open Blinds / Shutters / Drapes
    • Skylights
  3. Install Hydronic In-Floor or Baseboard Heat
  4. Obtain a Photovoltaic (PV / Solar) Study for your home
  5. Improve Indoor Air Quality
    Central Vacuum System in Master Bedroom of VISION House Los Angeles
    • Install an Air Purification System
    • Keep a Healthy Level of Humiditiy - Dehumidify / Air Home
    • Clean Floors Often (mopping and vacuuming with safe products)
    • Indoor Air Quality at LEED Silver VISION House Los Angeles
    • Remove Shoes at Front Door or Put a Mat at Entry Doors
    • Purchase Healthy Indoor Plants
    • Read WebMD's Ways to Improve Indoor Air

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