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March 2015
Supporting the EPA WaterSense® "Fix A Leak Week"

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and WaterSense® have established "Fix a Leak Week" which is an annual event celebrated in March. This year, we celebrate it on March 16-20, 2015. This event was established to improve water efficiency and raise awareness. Americans are becoming more aware of the smart use of our water resources by finding more water efficient fixes, uses and resources for future generations. This week long event of "Fix a Leak Week" is a time Americans check their household fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks. Water is essential to the survival of Earth. Only one percent of the water on the planet is available for human use. Salt water and fresh water frozen in polar caps are not available for human consumption and some water sources are not available for human access or use. It is time we tune into our own water use.

To begin, an easy way to understand our own water use is to take a look at our own water bills. Be sure to review each monthly amount due as well as the monthly amounts of water used. Spend some time getting to understand your water bills and seasonal activity. Now, for this week, take some time to investigate your households plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks. Here are a few of our "Fix A Leak Week" tips, fixes and examine tricks.

March 16 Post:

Fix a Leak Week Post on Toilets

March 17 Post:

Fix a Leak Week Post on Showerheads

March 18 Post:

Fix a Leak Week Post on Irrigation and Hoses

March 19 Post:

Fix a Leak Week Post on Faucets on Thursday

March 20 Post:

Fix a Leak Week Post on Water Meter on Friday

All the "Fix a Leak" materials we have sited above were retrieved from The EPA WaterSense ( Be sure to take some time to visit their informative website.

February 2015
Do You Know Your Power?
Special Guest Blog By: Dominique Smith at USGBC-LA

Every month we open a bill from our energy company. Our power is measured in kWh and dollars. Few of us have the time or the tools to analyze this in detail...until now. There's an app for that!

I am participating in the Chai Energy Pilot Program, and my Chai (Gateway in picture below) arrived in the mail last week. It is connected to my Internet router and communicates with my smart meter. It relays energy use information to my iPhone on every appliance that is plugged in and turned on in the house. It doesn't stop there, my Chai also lets me know that the fridge door was left open on accident. Then, it lets me know that a new higher efficiency fridge would save me $5 dollars a month and there's a rebate that I can use through my energy provider to get it.

Energy Efficienct Tracking

The Chai Energy Pilot Program has major potential to change people's energy use habits at home. Having a predictable energy bill and real-time use data is a game changer.

Here is a video about Chai Energy

Knowledge is power!


January 2015
5 Tips for Helathier Indoor Living Space
  1. Use Natural Cooling
    Ceiling Fan and Indoor Air Quality LEED Silver custom home in Pacific Palisades, CA
    • Ceiling Fans / Fans
    • Skylights
    • Cross-Ventilation
    • Roof Overhangs / Awnings / Trellises
    • Skylight in hallway at LEED Silver custom home in Brentwood, CA
    • Window Treatments: Blinds / Shutters / Drapes
    • Shade from Trees
    • Attic Fans / Solar-Powered Attic Fans
    • Whole House Chimney Effect
  2. Take Advantage of Natural Lighting
    • Solar Lighting Tubes
    • Open Blinds / Shutters / Drapes
    • Skylights
  3. Install Hydronic In-Floor or Baseboard Heat
  4. Obtain a Photovoltaic (PV / Solar) Study for your home
  5. Improve Indoor Air Quality
    Central Vacuum System in Master Bedroom of VISION House Los Angeles
    • Install an Air Purification System
    • Keep a Healthy Level of Humiditiy - Dehumidify / Air Home
    • Clean Floors Often (mopping and vacuuming with safe products)
    • Indoor Air Quality at LEED Silver VISION House Los Angeles
    • Remove Shoes at Front Door or Put a Mat at Entry Doors
    • Purchase Healthy Indoor Plants
    • Read WebMD's Ways to Improve Indoor Air

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