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As in all aspects of our building practices, we take our responsibility to you and to the community we all live in seriously. It is not enough to simply build a beautiful new home. We believe it is imperative that we build it responsibly. At Structure Home, this means a commitment to environmentally friendly products, the efficient use of resources, recycling, a paperless and sustainable organization and a consistent dedication to growth through advanced technology and to the conscious improvement of our carbon footprint.

In addition to our own high minimum standards, we have resourced a variety of optional products to suit specific client needs while working to ensure we create designs that are sustainable and in harmony within our neighborhoods, communities and global environment.

Structure has assembled summary workbooks as a resource to illustrate and clarify how applying Health Sciences and Green Building Practices can improve your home and the environment.

Click here to download our “Green Building and Healthy Home Workbooks” guide (PDF).