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Structure Home has assembled a talented team of designers, project managers, construction staff and support personnel who all share a common goal: to build more than just homes – to build lifelong relationships with our clients and to earn the distinction as “my builder” for their homes and for those of family and friends.

Custom Homebuilder and Homebuilding Structure Home VideoOur company’s roots go back much further than our launch in 1996. The company’s founders, Robert Kleiman and Mark Sapiro, grew up together in Los Angeles and started their partnership in 1985 building premier-quality production homes for a local residential developer. Many of our team members have also worked alongside Robert and Mark from the early years to the present. Relationships and synergies run throughout the organization, where family, mentoring and inter-organizational training are found in all facets of the Structure group dynamic.

Our long history of building fine homes together creates a unique bond that makes the Structure team strong and effective. Each home is a carefully planned and coordinated production that unfolds and brings form, substance and function to the customer’s vision. Together, the Structure team has guided hundreds of families through this journey. Our experience has refined and sharpened the skills we offer to each Structure project.

Our core values of integrity, honesty, respect, quality and responsibility are carried through every step of our process. The continual improvement of clear and effective communication is the foundation for everything that Structure stands for. Combined, these form a powerful platform to accomplish great homes and relationships in a cooperative and supportive way!

Regardless where or what type of home we build, we know that every project is an inspiration for future homes and every client is a future friend for life. So each member of our team strives to deliver the best quality and most positive experience every time. That’s our spirit and our promise.

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